Saturday, March 2, 2013

Funiest man in Serious World

Black Dog “One of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky” has always been one of my favorite drink, I was over the Moon when I got to know that they are getting my favorite standup comedian Russell Peters to India, The Bangalore leg of the event was held at Chowdiah Memorial Hall. 

I really hoped I get tickets to the show, as the Shows by Black Dog scotch events are always in huge demand, God was kind enough I was able to find get tickets to the show. Then the day arrived, Feb 27th and boy wasn’t I excited. Went to the venue early and was waiting for Russell to start his rib tickling comedy and when he started all were laughing their guts out

 I really enjoyed the show Every now and then he threw the audience a tease from one of his videos(one of his specialties) and people really laughed, but he spent most of the night off the cuff picking on audience members which for some reason didn't resonate quite the same way.  

His encore was really the highlight of the night - the funniest and most reminiscent of his videos.  Overall I had a great night and enjoyed the show all thanks to Black Dog the true Scottish brand that has a 130 year old heritage and the legacy to go with it, and was left wanting a little bit more.

Favourite moment: The last joke about how his father threatened him and  his last line was his signature "someone's going to get a hurt on real bad"
Only a quality international luxury brand like Black Dog could ensure that world class acts could be brought to India when other brands can only dream of arranging such a wonderful show!! International Luxury Brand Black Dog helped a lot of people unwind & relax!! 

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