Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Evening with Friends and Black Dog

A friend recently got job in US and had to leave India to join his new company, as he was one of my closest friend and part of an amazing gang of friends I had in my College days me and a few friends decided to throw him a send off party!

The location was selected unanimously “The Lalith Ashok” one of the Oldest 5-Star hotels in Bangalore. As it was on a weekend we decide to go to the place a bit early and decide to go the Restaurant OKO as it gives a Pan Asian cuisine to select from.

This Japanese sushi restaurant with 142 covers, is an open to sky the taste and the food is taken to an altogether different level as its well trained staff takes guests through the Japanese dining menu. The beautiful red chandelier in the private dining room for 12 people, done tastefully in red upholstery and with shimmering chandeliers, provides the perfect ambience to all the special and private moments.

As we started ordering food, we also ordered Black Dog Scotch one of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky, while wait for food to be served and with the finest scotch whisky from Scotland in our hands we started remembering all the days we spent together in college and also after college during the time when we were searching for work.

Finally as the dishes arrived we forgot about everything else because the food ordered and scotch were the perfect paring we could find. As the night passed all of us wanted the time to freeze as one of our best friend was leaving the country for at least 3-4years, because back in the days of college it was Black Dog that we started drinking first together!

The Night was awesome with group of friends. But the presence of Black Dog, the Scotch with the heritage of 130 year old truly made it more pleasurable.

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