Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ek Khandani Parampara

Rajdhani, The Vegetarian Thali Restaurant which is the flagship brand of Mirah Hospitality has spread its aroma in this industry over the past few decades. Known as a "thali place" with 72 different rotating menus with 22,464 delicacies from Gujarat and Rajasthan, Rajdhani gives even the most regular customers out of 7.5 million delighted guests with the flavor of novelty.

A group of fellow blogger along with me was invited to the Restaurant at Indiranagar to try out the delicious Thali of the restaurant.  As we reached the place we were greeted by applying tilak on your forehead. 

Then Mr. Maltesh Patil Unit Sales & Operations Manager welcomed us and briefed us about the whole Idea of bringing in blogger to the restaurant and took us to the kitchen to show us how the dishes are prepared.
There we met, Mr. Devisinghji Maharaj the chief chef of Rajdhani Indiranagar who prepared a side dish and explained how care is taken to make the dishes tasty and also to make it in a hygienic way.

The team of Rajdhani with namager cheif Chef and his Assistants
Finally we were all asked to take our seats and the dishes were served. The menu on a particular will be common at the places of rajdhani and tastes will also be similar according to Mr. Maltesh, there were 22dishes in total there were served to us.

All the dishes were amazing and everyone present there were enjoying the food without even talking to each other, as an old Sanskrit proverb says “Mounena kalaham naasti Mounena kavalam jaasti” meaning  One can avoid quarrel by resorting to silence. One is supposed to be silent while eating. The result is that many morsels can be consumed.

One thing I noticed during the course of serving was if you ask for more sweets or anyothe dishes they do hand symbols and sweet comes in you thali. Unique to only this place! So after a heavy lunch we greeted the manager all the staff and the Maharaj that’s is what they call the chief chef at Rajdhani, 

We noticed another unique thing about this place, the placement of a small drum, with words ‘Aao Thali Bajao’ as per the tradition if u like the service and food you have to hit the drum as hard as you can and show your appreciation.

I tried my hand at and left the place with a promise of going back to the place at the earliest!

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