Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hit the pause button

Black Dog Scotch Whisky has been created over 130 years ago not by hurrying up the creation process but taking the right amount of time to ensure that the product is world class. It is fermented in Oak Wooden casks for a minimum of 8 years to a maximum of 21 years to ensure that World’s finest Scotch whisky is produced. So it’s only fitting that we should take our time in savoring Black Dog Scotch and ensure that we let the World wait as we enjoy this wonderful drink.

This Friday after a stressful week, I decided to unwind at a lounge near our office. It is a very nice lounge with a open air terrace and a lounge seating with a swimming pool providing a soothing and relaxing effect. It provided a nice view of the city from the top and looking at the city lights and our location, it felt like we were rulers of this world! Surprisingly I met a friend there who was also there for same reason! We unwound by ordering 60ml each of Black Dog Deluxe Scotch which is Black Dog 12 Years Old Scotch Whisky. 

I decided to have the drink ‘on the rocks’ rather than add any water or soda to it and spoil it’s amazing taste. It provided us a real relaxing feeling and all our stress and worries were gone in a jiffy! We were wondering what music to listen to as the DJ is known to us as we frequent this place! So we told him to play some wonderful saxophone music for us. The DJ told us that he had the Black Dog Easy Evenings CD featuring legendary saxophonist Kenny G. We were spellbound by Kenny G’s music and the way it paired very well with the World class Scotch we were having.

Black Dog Scotch Whisky has been unwinding and relaxing Scotch connoisseurs in the finest way since the last 130 years! Not only is the Scotch best in the class; but also through Black Dog Easy Evenings, they provide the finest lounge music CDs which can be listened to at any time of the day and it will provide instant relaxation and peace of mind to anyone who is stressed out or worried or feeling down. My friends and I enjoyed the evening at that lounge sipping on Black Dog Deluxe Scotch and listening to the best of the world’s music on Black Dog Easy Evenings CDs.

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