Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bar Accessories

To construct the perfect home bar, what we all need is perfect blend of Scotch Whisky like Black God a Scotch with a history of 130years and also the set of accessories.

The best and the most basic bar accessories contains all the things we need to get out home bar up and running, these include
  • One pack of beverage napkins.  
  • One box cocktail straws. 
  • Twelve plastic liquor pours. 
  • A double jigger. 
  • A cocktail shaker with built-in strainer, 
  • One black bar mat.
  • One Stainless steel condiment tray. 
  • Ice scoops.
  • 12 margarita glasses
  • Zip zester 
  • Bottle openers 
  • Knuckle bottle opener. 
  • Flair bottles. 
  • Corkscrew 
  • Stainless steel shakers. 
  • Spill stop 
  • Toasting set 
  • Ice bucket
  • Drinking straws.
  • Bar spoon 
  • Knives and cutting board (Cutting Limes and Cherries) 
  • Muddler.
  • The bartender manual book. (I’m serious every bar will have this for Sure).

After accessories coming to liquor now. Considering it’s your house and most of the liquor will be consumed by the owner so most of the times have the personal favorite drinks. And then worry about the rest!  I am a straight-up scotch man, but what if I a friend who loves margarita comes home on weekend in order to avoid such a situation always have the things to make basics.
So, here are the few things you can store just in case there is some guest who don’t like drinking scotch whisky! 
  • Vodka A bar is incomplete if there is no vodka; this is a vital ingredient to make a screwdriver being almost tasteless it mixes with everything.
  • Tequila This is ultimate shooter which requires unless you decide to do a Training wheels. Training wheel for a shot means some salt and lime wedges. 
  • Scotch: - Here is my favorite part, Just stuff your place allocated for scotch with Black Dog “One of the world’s finest Scotch Whisky”

  • The Mixers and Garnishes: - Even if we spend lots of money on liquors, we need to have perfect mixers to make a drink taste great.
  • Juice The basic one would need is juice, maybe Orange Cranberry. If you creative maybe some Pineapple Mango or even tomato.
  • Soda: - If you are not able to have fountain drinks then bottles of cokes, diet coke. Club Soda and Tonic water is a must for many classics.
  • Lemons and Limes. Lots of drinks should be served with a twist of Lemon or Lime wedges on the rim of the glasses.
  • Kosher salt This is the coarse-grained salt, that the rim of the glass is dipped.
  • Sugar Even strong drinks sometimes will need a pinch of sugar.

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