Sunday, September 14, 2014


Imagine if you can say “I love you”, “Wanna party”,’ “Reached Home” and interact withthe all-time favourite youth icon YO YO HONEY SINGH with just one click! Nucleus Research, today announced the launch of cool, fun and engaging one click messaging application – YUP!

Joining as the first member and brand ambassador of YUP! is rapster and music director YO YO HONEY SINGH. Yup! users will have Yo Yo  Honey Singh as their first friend as they download the app!!

Speaking at the launch Mrs. Namrata Suri, Director, Nucleus Research Pvt. Ltd., said, “Today’s the Indian Smartphone user is smart, curious and clearly knows what they want. Indian’s today are early adopters of cool and trendy applications and want simple and innovative interface to stay connected. YUP! will cater to this need and make one-click messaging the default standard of interaction in India.

I am excited to become a part of YUP!team as this gives me an opportunity to engage with my fans in a unique way.  My fans can now interact with me and share their feedback by just Yupping me anytime, anywhere. Join Yup! to become a Yup Star said, the Rappster Honey Singh.

YUP! Will offer an amazing interactive user experience. With just one touch, a user can send a Yup! to their friends and can change the sound and theme of Yup! to their own liking. An innovative app, 

YUP! can be used to express every and any emotion.

Yup! Key Features:- 

One click messaging app. 
  • Urgent Pager 
  • Urban poker 
  • Saves time 
  1. Visually appealing and colourful user interface.
  2. Change setting, theme and sound of Yup!
  3. Safe, Secure & Fastest way to Connect.
  4. Privacy & Permission Based Connect. No sharing of contacts to world. Block and unblock features.
  5. Available on Google Play Store – soon to be available on Apple store.
  6. Low on Bandwidth