Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Steaming Sensation Festival

After the huge success of Asian Grill Festival, Shiro's in Bangalore came up with Steaming Sensation festival, as Usual I was there to review it..

From the steam of sizzling dim sums and the taste of delicate Asian cuisines, there is something special for every pan Asian cuisine lover at Shiro. Bringing in new oriental concepts to its extraordinary culinary repertoire, Shiro introduces a special dim sum festival called the Steaming Sensation festival, What better way to welcome the Chinese New year than sitting and sipping hot tea with sumptuous dim sums. This festival offers a dazzling array of traditional forms of dumplings that reflects the flavors of Chinese culture in real sense. 

As Rahul Hajarnavis, Executive brand chef Shiro says, ‘This Chinese New year we want people to try our exquisite variety of dim sum’s that are specially created by our expat chefs. Shiro has created a whole new scrumptious assortment of dim sums which will leave the guests in a trail o f exciting flavours.

Dim sums which are as part of the festival are :-

Celery and Pepper Mushroom:-

Spinach and Corn:-

Zucchini and Coriander Root:-

There are Non veg Dim sum's also,

Prawn and Asparagus:-

Prawn Dumpling:-

Steamed Black Bean Pork Ribs:-

Lamb dumpling with wood smoked Barbeque sauce:-

After all the Dumplings we were also given a mail course, The vegetarians were served with Japanese Rice and Spaghetti, 

The Non Vegetarians decided to eat Prawns, So Chef Priyank Singh ordered them Prawn with Thai Curry,

Chef Priyank, Insisted that we have the Shiro special Chocolate Volcano to end a perfect Dinner at the Steaming sensation festival.

The flavors of the festival are heightened with the signature high ceilings and grand statues of Shiro. As you gorge on the delectable dim sums, don’t forget to indulge in the finest variety of soups from Shiro’s menu. So come tempt your culinary senses to some of the most delicious dim sums that will surely appease your palate this season!

Do let me know if u tried these awesome Dumplings!!

PS Pic courtesy Hrish Thota (@dhempe)

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