Monday, May 5, 2014

Unwind with Triple Gold Reserve

One can’t think of a better way to unwind after a week of hard work, client calls and endless presentations than going out to eat in a posh restaurant. You get to taste amazing, rare, special meals and you get to chat with your friends, congratulating them for finishing a project or just talk about their favorite team losing or winning a football game. Not to talk about doing this in the most luxurious setting ever. I know it’s not economical, but it is important for us to reward ourself and unwind after working hard.

This kind of a weekend deserves, a celebration on a 5-star restaurant, and if you are in a good company of people you enjoy and spend time with. It couldn't get better. On one such day at a posh restaurant in Bangalore the food was really delicious and magnificent, I got to feed my palate with different exciting flavors. There was even a live band playing, so all the things added up to a perfect night.

When I wanted to have a good night, I choose what to drink carefully, as the greatest dining experience can be flawed by a bad choice of alcohol. Because, as I say, a glass of nice alcohol can make you feel more relaxed. So I decided to have the new Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. Was it the right decision? Absolutely! That scotch is like heaven, with its beautiful golden color and rich, silky taste. It really made a difference, and completed the whole restaurant experience… or should I say Black Dog experience? I enjoyed every sip of it. I don’t think I’ve ever drunk such a lavish, rich spirit.

And it wasn’t just tasty, but it complemented my meal perfectly – such an exquisite, rich meal requires an exquisite, rich drink to go with it. So what is this triple maturation process??

Let me tell you It which involves Grain whiskies and Malt whiskies separately matured in American Bourbon Casks and then blended together and matured again in Oloroso Sherry Butts for an extra longer period of time to give the blend a distinctive flavor and a delicate finish. Yet it was harmonious – I do agree with those people who say it is liquid gold.

Now I can confidently say Black Dog scotch can make every dining experience glamorous. Its secret lies not only in it being really tasty and rich, but also in it being and looking really classy and elegant, as if it was designed just for fine dining.

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