Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fun Nights with Friends.

Last week was the best week i have had this year for so many reasons, First got a project approved by client without any problem then came the bumper, Real Madrid winning the semi final against Bayern Munich at Munich! As the matches happen late in the night a few friends of mine have this tradition going on for a while now, We go to a friends house watch the match at his place and have a little party as we watch the match! 

Since this time it was an all Important match for real Madrid my friends decided to come over to my place! I couldn't wait for the match to start so that we can party. One of my friends had brought home the Triple Gold Reserve alongwith Soda and some chakna. What was the fun in having plain scotch and nothing to munch! As usual, we settled at peanuts. for food there was Pizza there was starters both veg and non veg along with the Black Dog TGR.

Whiskey sarted flowing as the match started, we poured ourselves a drink each. We were enjoying the time. As the match was fascinating between two great team, no one to ask us not to scream for every goal Madrid scored We were having a gala time and fittingly Madrid won.

A few more pegs in to celebrate the victory and and we opened up some more. Words flowed freely now. Memories came back much easily. The collection of songs that we had, the acting skills that were crushed under heavily weighed jobs, all came out. And who was responsible for that? Black Dog Triple Gold Reserve. 

The world could wait a little longer. Calls from the clients could hold on a little longer. We were living the life on our terms today. We were living our evening the way we had intended 10 years back when we had all parted after college. Our friendship only grew stronger with age just like how Black dog gets better with age!

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