Sunday, May 11, 2014

Black Dog and Chocolates

Black Dog Scotch is the most beautiful bottle of Scotch available in India. It is the smoothest and the finest Scotch and provides an unbeatable luxury. 

The beauty of Black Dog Scotch is that it is golden colored liquid with shimmering highlights. When drunk in a responsible manner, it is used to mark some real good times.

These bottles take years to make. So it is fair on our part to dedicate little time savoring it. Even when Sir Walter Millard founded Black Dog Scotch more than 130 years ago, its most important ingredient was the time that he put into it. It was not just the best barley or the purest water from the Northern Hemisphere. It was just time. So why can’t you give some time for this to unwind luxuriously? Believe me this is one of the best options available to unwind and relax. 

Especially when you are with a group of friends, I would recommend Black Dog Scotch. This will bring your party to the next level and your friends will really remember the great times spent with you.

Also don’t forget to pair these with some nice dark chocolates. Lindt chocolates from Switzerland are one of the best chocolates in the world. Pair them with Black Dog Scotch and just see how your party gets enhanced. You can also try pairing Black Dog Scotch with the best Belgium chocolates. Afterall, the best chocolates come from Swiss or Belgium and they can only be paired with the world’s best Scotch. Do not forget to serve Black Dog TGR – Triple Gold Reserve which is the signature scotch from Black Dog.

 Disclaimer : The content in this blog post is meant for people above the age of 25 years.

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