Monday, May 5, 2014

Tasting Tips of Shiraz

The breathtaking landscape of the Western Ghats is endowed with perfect natural conditions to nurture the fine French varieties of wine grapes. With gravely soils that are rich in iron with good drainage and mild weather throughout the year, the Sahyadri valley forms an ideal territory for grape growing. We bring you Four Seasons Shiraz.

  • Type : Still Red Wine 
  • Grapes :Shiraz
  • Origin : Baramati, Maharashtra, India
  • Style: Dry

Tasting notes:
  • Color : Dark ruby red with black cherry hues. 
  • Aroma : Crushed raspberries abound, combining with spicy and smoky notes and a subtle hints of violet.
  • Palate : This rich, full-bodied wine has a nice amount of complexity offering fruit and spice on the palate and a pleasant finish with smooth velvety tannins. 
Serving suggestion: Enjoyed best at 16 - 18° C with barbequed red meats and game. Its spicy character makes it an ideal accompaniment to Indian cuisine.

When trying to pair food with wine, your goal should be to attain a perfect balance between the two. If one is not that experimental.

Picture courtesy the facebook page of Fourseasons Wine. 

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