Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Tbox- A revolutionary App for SMS

Last month I was invited to meet Mr. Mihir Mohan, a Bangalore based entrepreneur who has started up for the third time after pushing hard with two startups over a span of eight years. His last startup was Unamia which managed to raise funds from AngelPrime.

Mihir spoke about how he is looking to revamp the way SMS is looked at, we spoke more about Tbox, Mihir’s brain child app which has been under production for 8-10 months now.

SMS is one the easiest, most common and important form of communication which is a default feature in all smartphones. Even today, all business and financial transactions use SMS as a mode of communication. From banks, restaurants, salons, retail shops to airplane, railway, bus and taxi bookings are confirmed via SMS. Customers book movie tickets using an SMS, they do online banking via an SMS and also get important communications from their kid’s school via SMS.

No doubt, it is important!

But let’s look at why, despite of all this, SMS is losing its popularity:
  • Millions of promotional messages flood the inbox despite of regulations and various DND lists. 
  • Lots and lots of spam. 
  • No distinction between personal and business messages, most of the time important messages are buried under unwanted stuff.
  • Anyone can read your messages from your bank and all your other transactional details - Not secure
Mihir’s Suggestion is to use TBOX It is a mobile app that helps you:
  1. Clean your SMS inbox. Organize and manage promotional messages. 
  2. Display SMS messages in user-friendly format like how you see emails in different folders. 
SMS is an entity which is pretty much neglected.

The use case for Tbox becomes strong when you use the app. For people who don’t clear the inbox of the SMS, search facility in the app is like a boon, in normal SMS App the lack of any kind of categorization with messages, etc. are things you can live with but the difference is huge once you see them clean and efficient.

The App clearly sorts all the messages depending on the category pre defined or a separate category can be created by the user.

For some sensitive issues, that requires you to set up passwords, Tbox helps you by providing the feature of Securing the folder!

Browsing through categories is easy as you have a list of categories that can be accessed from anywhere in the app.

 Another option that caught my eye is you can share the sms via email or can be forwarded it to another person.

For the moment the app is available only for Android users and the App can be downloaded on Google Play store from here.\

Also you can follow Tbox on twitter 
The facebook page of Tbox
Mihir Mohan the developer can can be contacted using this email address 

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