Sunday, December 21, 2014

Chili's Grill and Bar.

I always wanted to have the wonderful experience at Chili’s; recently I had the pleasure to visit their Branch on 100ft road. This place is quite unique and different from all the other places i have visited before. It is huge and gives a unique experience to it, that attracts everyone. 

Chili’s with their special menu that is there for a few months believes in keeping the menu dynamic rather than serving the same old items for years, these dish are quite the same from their permanent menu but with the exception of a few changes in the dish that would provide with a different and unique taste. The place is not a conventional place you would associate a food outlet with it's huge and the entire space is used to provide enough privacy to each table.

I had heard that the Cocotails menu in Chilis is very good and the bartenders know how to mix the drink, So I wanted to try Watermelon Margarita from their special menu which has Sauza tequila, fresh watermelon puree and in-house sour, this was wonderful drink. The Sauza tequila was wonderful blend with the watermelon puree, which made it mild yet a very good drink. This was a wonderful drink for me to start off with. The highlight of this drink was the house made sour that was felt after the first two sips, this sour was just right to give you a mild taste which did not over power the watermelon taste.

Manager suggested me to try Flavored Classic Margarita, The margarita contained Tequila  with a splash of lime, this drink contained a lot of crushed ice, when asked about too many ice cubes was told that this crushed ice and the splash of lime was the true creation of the drink. The idea of crushed ice is to let people enjoy the drink without the drink grtting warmer. Splash of lime gave me the tangy taste that was a different experience all together; due to this the order was repeated once more.

Persidente Margarita will shake up your day, as this is a hand shake Margarita made with Tequila, Cointreau and premium brandy. This is a two serves drink. This drink is really strong in alcohol content but the way this blends the taste of the food is mind blowing. This is among Chili’s wonderful creations.

Cosmopolitan that has Citron vodka, Cointreau and cranberry juice was indeed a very strong drink. This was the first cocktail that I had in my life. Even thou I felt this as a very strong dish, I still loved it that taste of vodka blend with cranberry juice.

For appetizers we had first order the Triple dipper with Paneer bites, Texas cheese poppers and Fried Paneer quesadilla bites, I loved all three of them. The Paneer bites were really good and that have wonderful crunchy with the entire flavor intact inside of the Paneer and the other ingredients, the Paneer did have a unique texture inside for which I loved it. The Texas cheese poppers are always great in Chili’s, I just love them as the cheese in the poppers are really great and the way the cheese fills up the mouth is wonderful. The fried Paneer quesadilla bites very delicious and all I can say about this is “Finish it while it’s hot” because if you don’t, then the others will finish it. The chipotle sour did the wonders in this dish.

We ordered the plain nachos that were served with in-house salsa. The salsa has a fresh texture to it which I love, the salsa was so great that I even used with the cheese poppers and Paneer bites and with my big mouth burger bites also. For me nachos have always been a favorite snack and whenever I get fresh salsa with it.

The plain nachos were followed by Classic nachos and this look just amazing. I look it when there are jalapenos; this dish was made by melted cheese with jalapenos, beans and queso served with house-made pico de gallo and sour cream. This dish vanished into everyone’s tummy within a matter of minute. This dish was something more than just classic, this was more of a modern classic with all the texture and the whole dish was balanced was just delicious. The same was also available with citrus garlic chicken or buffalo meat, which be on my menu the next time that I go.

The Big mouth burger bites was the next to hit our table. The burger paddy was well made but the burger as a whole was a bit dry for me but the salsa did it trick. The big mouth burger bites is severed with onion string, fries and jalapeno ranch dressing that was really good. The onion string and fries were crispy and the jalapeno ranch dressing was delicious.

Then came in the BBQ grilled Paneer salad (actually know as BBQ chicken salad, which is also available with Spicy garlic and lime shrimp), this was a crispy mixture of grilled Paneer, cheddar cheese, pico fe gallo, corn relish, cilantro, crispy tortilla strips and a touch of BBQ sauce with is served with ranch dressing. I guess the mixture made your mouth water, like the way we did when the dish came to our table. The mixture was wonderful but it was too dry for me and I would have preferred a bit more BBQ sauce on the dish.

Cilantro pesto pasta with veggies was a blend of fresh green, cilantro, nuts and olive oil enlivened in a cream based sprinkled with pico de gallo which was simply delicious. I loved the slight tangy flavor that was there in the cucumber, the bread should have been a bit most crisp but other than that this dish was yum.

Marinara pasta with veggies was a tangy tomato based sauce with a proficient flavor of garlic and basil. I love tomatoes but after having so much I found the pasta a bit too tangy as I had was having the Flavored Classic Margarita, here the bread was crisp enough to relish the tangy flavor of the pasta.

I was on diet for a month before i went to chili's but by just looking at the desserts i decided to let go the diet and indulge in the Chocolate chip paradise pie,  The chewy bar was slightly sweeter than before but it was enough to blend with vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and caramel.

Another dessert that was served was Molten chocolate cake topped the chocolate chip paradise pie. This was looks it is stuffed with chocolate but, the taste is perfect and you wont feel that it has been too much of chocolate in it.

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