Monday, December 29, 2014

Amrut Tasting, at The Glass House

I have always been in love with whiskey on the rocks, since a couple of years now I have started to not just enjoy an evening with Whiskey but also to try and find out the taste Flavor and the palate of it.

All this was promised when I signed up for the Blind Whiskey tasting at The Glass House, which is breathtakingly beautiful, the unique blend of glass concrete and steel make the place look so elegant, the lighting with the beautiful ceiling adds to the magic.

The afternoon was setup in a mesmerizing ambiance, in good company, lip smacking food and one of the best whiskey to savor is an evening well spent. The whiskey tasting event hosted by the pioneers Amrut Distillery, It was an event I can look back and say, Thank God I could be a part of it. I discovered the most beautiful Indian whiskey I had ever tasted the “Amrut Single Malt

The day unfolded with Mr Ashok Chokalingam , introducing us to a blind tasting of whiskey’s from around the world. Mr. Ashok is a renowned whiskey expert voted whiskey Ambassador for the year 2012, by the Icons of whiskey. 

Ashok guided us trough the samples of whiskeys explaining how to appreciate your whiskey and walked us trough different ways to understand it right. He helped us understand the smokiness of oak barrel, the sweetness of caramel, the punch of citrus or the spiciness of anise just by nosing the drink and then by letting our taste buds rejoice the glittering whiskey.

The blind tasting ended with evaluation of the score cards here the most popular choice was Jim Beam followed by- The Amrut Fusion and the Amrut Peated Single Malt then on the list was Johnnie Walker Black Label and Glenmoraingie.

‘Amrut Distillery’ has won numerous awards worldwide and also won the third best whiskey in the world title. The fact that such fine whiskey is made in India makes me proud and the distinct taste has put it on my favourites list.

After the whiskey tasting we were served with the cuisine at TGH, European inspired but with a twist. The chef has done a wonderful job with the oh-so-mouth-watering menu.

The menu for the evening was-


1.Stuffed mini eggplant roulade: hummus

2.Goat’s cheese lollipops: spiced romesco, dates and jalapenos stuffing, chilly lavash triangle

3.Rosemary margarita: san marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh rosemary

Non veg-

1.Chicken fire cracker: red dynasty cabbage slaw, scallions

2.Beef carpaccio: red wine cured, shaved ginger, togarashi spice

3.Lamb and jalapeƱo sliders: pickled cabbage, mini bun

4.Fish and chips inspiration: house tartar sauce, lavash crisp

Amid all the busy and hectic life this event helped me relax and enjoy a Saturday!

To check out more on Amrut you can like Amrut on the FaceBook page.
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