Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hokey Cokey, Rooftop gastropub

There is a reason why Bangalore is called Garden City, to add with its beautiful weather, is the cool breeze in the evening. Theses features of Bangalore has been well utilized by Hokey Cokey. With huge terrace space,

Hokey Cokey comes as a relief for many who want to hang around with gang of friends for beer and good music after a tiring day at office. The roof at Hockey Cokey helps during the sudden rains that Bangalore is blessed with a big thumbs up for the roof from me! U can enjoy the rooftop experience yet not worry about rain while enjoying the food!

Hokey Cokey actually derives its name from the famous rhyme for nursery kids, after visiting this place, for me it made me happy just like the days when I used to listen to the rhyme, lip-smacking food, out of the box drinks and beautiful ambience. The way it is organized one cannot tell that this place has just one first month.

I along with my five other friends visited this place a week back. Knowing that it is a new place, we didn’t have much expectation in terms of food and service but as the time progressed we were surprised big time.

As we entered this place, the in-house DJ had started his trance with some lovely peppy numbers on an outstanding elevated dance floor and the natural breeze giving us a grand welcome. The seating is arranged in a way, it looks very neat and spacey.

To start with, we were given the drinks menu to choose from the array of some most innovative names I have come across. Here are few names which made us love this place even more: Paanwalla ka Ispeshul (vodka, rose syrup, rose water, gulkand, sweet & sour mix), Lipstick on my collar (vodka, fresh pomegranate, passion fruit, basil), Indian Bloody Mary (Vodka, tomato juice, Indian spices) and Newton’s Law to name a few.

If you think Hokey Cokey was a unique name, wait until you hear about ‘Newton’s Law’ try it and trust me, it is going to make you remember all the Newton’s laws of motion. The mix of vodka, coconut syrup, green apple, cranberry juice and pine apple juice will leave you asking for more.

After a round of drinks we were served platters (both veg and non-veg).

 Next on the table was ‘Veg Nachos’. You can say the name would sound very familiar to any place but the taste completely changed my opinion about Nachos. The Mexican nachos put together with lots of cheese and other goodies makes it a must have when you visit this place. Who doesn’t love cheese? And when it makes its presence felt in every bite, you don’t care for anything happening around. Just keep calm and indulge in the sheer bliss of Nachos.

To go with the drinks we were served with veggies delight, ‘Something Corny’. This Asian style fried American corn kernels tossed with spices was delightful munch along with my favorite Newton’s Law.

There have been many places in Bangalore that have started serving pizzas and it was called, ‘Vegetable Garden’ here which had Basil pesto, corn, and mushrooms with sundried tomatoes. Mushrooms completely dominating the taste and I would say it was better than the mainstream pizza joints.

‘Yankee Chili Fries’, which has been very popular lately. These French fires drowned in their in-house sauce and topped with melted cheese was simply lip-smacking. The best thing about this was, in spite of fries being burdened by melted cheese and sauce did not lose its crispness. This was the Showstopper of the evening.  

For Main course we went on to order the Arabian Burger which has a falafel patty with arabian spices and pickles. Something was missing in the Burger.

We ordered triple Schezwan Rice, which basically was bombay style schezwan rice, noodles and schezwan sauce. We were talking that the dish couldn’t be better than this. Until Chef Naveen served us the Thai Red Curry with Rice, but the Thai curry here is the best. Words cannot do justice to how the Thai red curry is at Hokey Cokey.

Next time if you have an evening to chill, hang out with friends and want to eat good food, Hokey Cokey should be the place to be.

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