Sunday, November 16, 2014

Vodafone Foundation.

Vodafone Foundation awards NGOs/NFPs for driving social change #Made4Good2014

This November is dedicated to the mobile technology driving social change. Vodafone foundation along with its partners (Digital empowerment foundation, Grant Thornton, NextGen) will be awarding NGOS/NFPs for their tireless efforts in the field of Mobile technology extending a helping hand in making our community and country a better place to live in.
They have decided to divide the awards on the basis of sub categories:
1) Education: This category is entitled for the NGOs/NFPS who were able to demonstrate impact of their technological innovation via mobile technology in the education sector. The work can be further dissected in the following streams:
  • Primary to Higher Education
  • Vocational Training
  • Knowledge awareness/dissemination
  • Capacity building programs
  • Skill development
  • Any other in line with the above
2) Agriculture & Environment: This category is entitled for NGOs/NFPs who were able to depict the calibre of improving the key performance indicators in the field of agriculture and environment. The participation can be analysed in the following sub divisions:
  • Enabling good agricultural practices
  • Wetland conservation
  • Water conservation
  • Pollution/ Air
  • Reducing carbon footprint
  • Agriculture related projects
  • Reducing waste
  • Biodiversity
  • Energy conservation
  • Any other in line with the above
3) Health: This category is entitled for NGOs/NFPs who were able to portray the potential in elevating the best practices in Health care sector. The submissions will be further subcategorised as:
  • Health sanitation
  • Hospital
  • Maternity & child care
  • Other well-being products
  • Old age
  • Women health
  • Any other in line with the above
4) Governance: This category is entitled for NGOs/NFPs who were able to present a positive change in the basic governance - administrative mechanisms in India.  The entries can be further diced in under mentioned genres:
  • Sustenance of community development
  • Sanitation programmes
  • Livelihood enhancement
  • Public distribution system
  • Eradicating poverty, hunger and malnutrition
  • promotion of cultural/ Historic artefacts
  • Livelihood enhancement
  • Rural employment
  • Public distribution system
  • Any other in line with the above
5) Women empowerment & Inclusive Development: This category is entitled for NGOs/NFPs to promote the idea of a developed society by uprooting gender based discrimination.  The projects can be included in one of the following segments:
  • Promotion gender equality
  • Tribal area development
  • Women empowerment
  • Creating opportunities for differently abled
  • Rural development
  • Any other in line with the above

This is the fourth year in line for the #G4M awards and we wish it keeps on encouraging and instilling such good practices in future too.

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