Tuesday, June 2, 2015

GOQii #BeTheForce

Wearables have been around for a while now. Many of them just come and go and some really adds a charm to your lives. Many fitness trackers bands in the market today just get your data and show it back to you. Some go a step forward and display the same on an attractive dashboard. GOQii Fitness Band makes you think a little different here, it updates your data to a personalized coach, who helps you with the diet and makes sure you stick to it.

The packing comes with a couple of bands(different colors), the core Unit, A charging unit (for the core), and a bluetooth dongle to be used on PCs which doesn’t have a bluetooth module built in (primarily for syncing) and a subscription activation card. GOQii isn’t one gadget which you buy it once and forget using it, the subscription model keeps you going and pushes you hard to maintain your activities

TheGOQii Life 3 Month Plan, Unisex can be purchased exclusively from Amazon at Rs. 3999/-. You also have an option to buy a 6 month Plan at an additional cost. The best thing about this is you can get to pick from the color which you like the most. Ensure, you select the right size for the band.

The GOQii is equipped with a 360-degree Motion sensor which not just measures the activity but also your sleep quality. If you are kind enough to not wake-up people around you with your alarm clock, you can also setup the same with your GOQii. A designed vibration can be setup to wake you up instead of the loud alerts. GOQii works on the Bluetooth LE Technology to wireless Sync the data with your app on the smartphone. This mobile app also helps track your nutrition, lifestyle and Karma Points.

With doing all this, the GOQii offers a very very good battery life;  It was a good 4-5 days on a single charge. That’s impressive! But must add that the, battery drains a bit quickly if you activate the sleep mode. 

The other thing I liked about the band is the personalized instructor who keeps sending you the revised changes in the diet plan or in the exercise. This keeps your motivation level up all the time.
A tap on the band’s screen wakes up the display, and repeated swipes on the touch-screen cycles between the numbers of steps logged, the time duration of the activity, distance travelled, number of calories burnt, and the Karma points accumulated for the day. The clock settings of vertical and horizontal display are a neat addition too.

The karma points are a nice little thing which tags along with your GOQii. All the activity you do on your GOQii band gets converted into Karma points. These points can be donated on various social causes. Your loss (weight) is someone else’s gaining. 

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