Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Surprize package delivered to home.

Today morning as i was about to leave home for work the courier guy called me to check If i am home, I told him that i can wait for him got 5-10mins, So i was dying in excitement to know what will i receive. As my birthday is still a good 40days away and Christmas and New year is gone a month ago. I received the package opened it and I saw was bon6 written on the box.

I just don't want to say what exactly the box contains, so its a bit of a mystery now, let's keep the name of the box as 'Mystery Box'.

Let me tell you more about the #BonTheOrigina; Mystery box, this box has many features in it one such is:- 

Power Packs.

These days it is really painful to travel from one place to another specially in a city like Bangalore where one has to cross the dreaded "Silk Board Junction" to reach to their work place or back home from work. This box has a great feature called Power Packs. So whenever you feel your energy is drained and you need instant energy to recharge yourself and continue the journey, All you need is to open the Mystery box and use the Power pack in it.

Once you use it I am sure you will be recharged and you can be active the whole day!


Okay based on the picture i have posted of the Mystery Box and also the feature that I have explained guess what is the content of this mystery box or what exactly is this #BonTheOriginal is in the comments section!