Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Toshiba's SmartCommunity.

Toshiba highlights “SmartCommunity” as their corporate philosophy. “SmartCommunity”, by bringing together ICT, encourages IoT and clean energy throughout the society, and manages and controls infrastructure such as electricity, heat, water, supply transportation, healthcare and living support.

Toshiba aims to achieve safe, secure and comfortable society through the energy supply, water, transportation, health care, even in office / factory / homes by bringing together integrated solution which takes environmentally friendly approaches.

Ozone generator is one of the environmentally friendly water systems. Ozone is essential for clean water and improving and maintaining the environment. Due to its strong oxidizing power, ozone is used in advanced water treatment facilities for bleaching, deodorizing, deactivating viruses and microorganisms, and oxidizing organic and inorganic matter.

Ozone generation is part of that plan. To celebrate the power of Ozone, Toshiba has produced a remarkable video using 3D Projection Mapping and Hologram. The original  video was made using a human motion control tracking camera. The camera moves along predetermined floor markings to trace changes in the computer graphics. The result? A more in-depth look at the holographic images inside, and a beautiful vision of the future of ozone generation.

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