Monday, February 24, 2014

Roaring Tiger with a pinch of Ginger.

The latest offering from JSM group in the form of Ginger Tiger is a winner all the way. Ginger Tiger, located in Indiranagar is a stir-fry, Chinese restaurant and the two factors that make it stand out among the competition are its price and taste. It is a challenge to balance both price and the quality of food but that’s what makes Ginger Tiger better and pocket friendly than others. 

Talking about the menu, it boasts of new and interesting serving with authentic Chinese offerings in sync.
JSM restaurants are known for their unique designs and uncompromising standards and after visiting Ginger Tiger for the food review, I must say- it is a step ahead of my expectation. JSM, the exclusive master franchisee for Hard Rock Café, California Pizza Kitchen and Trader Vic's across India, and remains committed to its vision "Let Us Entertain You"

Great food should be accompanied with cosy ambience and quick service by the staff. If either of these elements are missing in a restaurant specially these days can cause a bad experience for the a customer when he wants to visit it next time! But the team at Ginger Tiger headed by Chef Priyank wins my point here.

Chef Priyank and his team has put together a menu that features unlimited stir-fry bowls , soups, starters, and a live stir-fry counter, where visitors get to personalise the food as per their tastes.

As Priyank points out “Bangalore always missed an authentic Chinese restaurant at an affordable price and Ginger tiger is here to bridge this gap”. He further added, “it has been over a month and we are glad to see the phenomenal response from the customers. It feels great to see same customers visiting twice and even thrice in a week and never complain”.

As bloggers, we tasted many dishes on the menu of which we left Priyank to decide and he did a good job in  serving the best dishes . As i have reviewed many hotels that JSM , I have gotten to know Priyank on a personal level so I was looking for a chance to point a negative point at the hotel serving or a dish not upto the mark,to my utter disbelief I was made to eat an "Humble Pie" as things were totally different. U cannot say this item on the menu shouldn't have been a part of this menu! 

I started with a Mocktail called "Frozen Blue"  It was the Showstopper as blogger and general public stopped eating and started staring at this drink!! Go try it.. 

Also when you go to Ginger Tiger, without blinking an eye just Order Sweetcorn Soup.

You have my word on it!! Still cannot forget that amazing taste, I generally don't use the word best in town for any dishes I review But this Soup is "BEST IN BANGALORE"

Other amazing dishes on the menu: Steam momo, stuffed mushrooms and hot garlic sauce, Sizzling Prawns with Singapore chilli sauce, Hot spiced chicken, Stir fried chilli chicken with cashewnuts, Sliced fish in chilli oyster sauce, Spicy Thai Rice, Black bean noodles, Date and fig pudding, Sizzling fudge brownie.

A special mention to Chocolate spring rolls. It was one of the yummiest of desserts I have had in my life. A big applaud to Chef Priyank for creativity and pouring bliss in the rolls. This is one item on the menu you can’t afford to miss.

With live cooking, unlimited servings of stir fries and a fancy wok – Ginger Tiger, the casual-dining restaurant in Indiranagar promises to give you the best taste of Chinese inspired & stir-fry cuisines in Bangalore.

Ginger Tiger is the Best Place i have been to in a long time.. I am dying to get back to this place again!! 

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