Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A day at PIC

Last week I was at Philips Innovation Center (PIC) at Manyata Tech park to look at the innovations in digital technologies.

PIC hosts all the three business units of Philips. Namely
  • Healthcare.
  •  Lifestyle.
  • Lighting.
Healthcare is the largest R&D organization at PIC with activities in Imaging Systems, Home Healthcare and Patient Care & Clinical Informatics.

Lighting was started in 2010 and PIC is now one of Philips largest Lighting software centers.
Driven by digital trends like Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, Social Media and the internet of things, ‘change’ is accelerating faster than ever. Themes in these types of projects are on exploring new territory, finding ways to differentiate, increasing speed and driving decision making. Philips Has been in the forefront of innovations in digital technologies
  1. Operations Control Centre (OCC)
  2.  Digital Accelerator – Google glass, Connected Coffee brewing machine, Philips Home Cooker

Operations Control Center (OCC)

Philips OCC platform is designed specifically around business processes. The walk-through showcased the first-of-its kind set up created to address this challenge through live monitoring of IT business parameters for proactive detection of issues and hence removal of CONQ (Cost of Non-Quality in IT).

The emphasis on the need for IT for seamless E2E execution of the business process to reduce the challenges faced in an increasingly complex business landscape was highlighted during the visit. There is no standard solution readily available in the market to address challenges. Philips OCC is a platform that has been developed to bridge this gap!

Digital Accelerator Lab

Working with consumers, Philips has developed concepts and prototypes of app-controlled devices across segments like consumer lifestyle, healthcare etc. For example:
  • Philips HomeCooker: The prototype features a built-in Wi-Fi and a new dedicated app for your smart device. The app provides inspiration and guidance throughout the entire cooking process, showing pictures of all the ingredients with step-by-step instructions on how to cook and combine them for a homemade meal. The HomeCooker neXt is in concept phase.
    This is the working of this beautiful Homecooker.

  • Saeco CafĂ©: Digital accelerator lab has played a crucial role in enhancing coffee experience by using digital& connectivity medium. The coffee maker has advanced features and technology which helps you brewing your coffee using your tablet.
    A small video about Saeco cafe is here.

  • Google Glass: A prototype of the cross-sector innovation platform with labs based in the Netherlands and India, collaborated with researchers from Accenture Technology Labs to explore the potential use of Google Glass in clinical settings. Google glass innovation looks at the ability for clinicians to call up images and other clinical information including data from patients’ records from anywhere in the hospital using wearable technology.

Working at PIC are about 1500 of the industry's finest professionals. It is an exciting place for technology professionals because they have an opportunity to create products and services by leveraging competencies across Research, Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle, IT, Lighting and Intellectual Properties and Standards - all under one roof!

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