Thursday, February 6, 2014

Discovering Sattvic Cuisine..

A bunch of Bloggers in Bangalore recently had the chance of dining at Sattvam a sattvic restaurant recently, Here is more about what Sattvic food is and what Sattvam has to offer for it's customers!!

For an object or food to be sattvic, it must be uncontaminated and should not spread evil or disease in the world. On the contrary its presence must purify the surroundings. Thus when an individual consumes such a food, he must feel that he is eating pure food. The food should be healthy, nutritious and clean. It should also not weaken the power or equilibrium of mind. This idea disallows aphrodisiac or other drugs and intoxicants that can affect the mind in such a way.

What makes Sattvic food so unique and pleasurable is that all dishes are prepared and served fresh. Leftover food is never served or consumed. Hence Sattvic foods have a very low probability of forming ama, or toxic build up in the body.

The food on offer was amazing, We couldn't make out that these items doesn't contain Onion or Garlic.

The evening started with a Welcome Drink, Keshar Shikanji. 

This was followed by a Soup the Broccoli Apple Shorbha. I had never had a Broccoli apple soup, It tasted great a perfect soup to start the evening.

We were served with a platter of starters haribhari paneer taktaki
paneer anardane ki tikka  keshar badam tikki babycorn aur meembu ke patte ki gilafi tabla aloo.

The starters were perfect they were spicy they tasted like starters in normal restaurants.

The main course had 

  • Dal makhani 

  • Amritras ke kofte

  • Aloo kamrakh peeli mirch

To go with a wide varieties of Roti's. 

If this wasn't filling enough, there were desserts too.. Made fresh and they are also Sattiv dishes, 

We were offered Malai Ghewar, I completely was over joyed eating this is a Rajasthani sweet traditionally associated with the Teej Festival. 

There was also assorted Bengali sweets on offer..

A perfect way to end a great sattvic dinner. To know more about Sattvam  

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