Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ESET smart security. A review

The importance of antivirus is not unknown to the world anymore. With the amount of cyber-crimes rising over the period of years, one is never sure of data security. We live in the world where it is difficult to imagine our lives without internet. Basically, our lives revolve around world wide web (www). The laptop, desktop or mobile users are always at a high risk of virus or malware attack.  The amount of time people spends on internet is immense, therefore being exposed to the world of spams, virus and malwares. And most of the users are unaware of certain links which may be a spam. So, it becomes very important that every individual protects its laptop, desktop or mobile by an antivirus which is able to detect majority of the viruses and malwares and protects the system from any kind of threats.  Also, it becomes necessary to update your antivirus on a regular basis.

We spend a lot on unnecessary things but when it comes to securing your data or system, people tend to neglect it. It’s very important to choose the right antivirus from a pool of choices for your system.

I have been experimenting with different brands for my system, Few months back I came across ESET smart security and as usual I did my part of reading on Google and their official website about what the product has to offer me. I was very much convinced and decided to go ahead with ESET smart security.

It has been 3 months now and I am very much satisfied by the security it has been providing for my system. It doesn’t allow you to visit a website if it thinks it can be vulnerable to your system, which irritates me sometime but at the end of the day it is protecting my system. ESET provides you various tools to keep your system secured from virus or malware threats. Below is a screenshot of ESET tools on my system:

One of the features provided by ESET is Anti-theft. This feature locates and retrieves your missing device. It increases your chances of getting your device back if it is lost or stolen. It automatically monitors the system, lets you view webcam photos, screen captures, and more.

How does ESET Anti-theft works? 
Should you part with your device, ESET Anti-Theft helps to track and locate it. Mark your device as missing and see its position displayed on the map. 

Monitor foreign activity: 
If you mark your device as missing, automatic monitoring is activated, allowing you to view webcam photos and screen captures. All the while, your user accounts stay protected.

Tracks device location: 
Aided by the networks in range, ESET Anti-Theft locates your device's position on the map to help you retrieve it.

Send a message to the finder:
Want to get in touch with the finder? Send a one-way message that appears on the screen of your device. You can even add a webcam photo of the finder(s) if you managed to snap one.

ESET Social Media Scanner:
Another brilliant feature is ESET Social Media Scanner. This free feature keeps you secure on social media. On Facebook, it protects you and your friends' wall, newsfeed and timeline. How often have you come across an app that protects not only your Facebook account but also your friends. On Twitter, it protects your profile and those you are following.

What makes ESET a reliable and trusted brand?

ESET is a global provider of security solutions for businesses and consumers. ESET NOD32 Antivirus holds the world record for the number of Virus Bulletin "VB100" Awards, and has never missed a single "In-the-Wild" worm or virus since the inception of testing in 1998. In addition, ESET is the first and only company in the world with ICSA antivirus certification for ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition for Mac OS X. ESET NOD32 Antivirus has achieved more Virus Bulletin VB100 Awards than any other product. In order to get awarded, product must detect all In-the-Wild viruses while reporting no false positives. ESET NOD32 has never missed an In-The-Wild virus.

ESET NOD32 was named "Best Antivirus Product" of 2006 and 2007; "Best Proactive on-demand Detection" and "Best Overall Performance" in 2008. ESET has more Advanced+ awards than any other vendor. ESET NOD32 was named "Best Antivirus Product" of 2006 and 2007; "Best Proactive on-demand Detection" and "Best Overall Performance" in 2008. ESET has more Advanced+ awards than any other vendor.

West Coast Labs' Checkmark certifications are awarded based on products' ability to detect and remove threats. ESET currently holds Checkmark certifications in both detection and removal of infections, all together 18 certifications by West Coast Labs.

ESET Smart Security and ESET NOD32 Antivirus have both garnered OESIS OK certification from OPSWAT. This certifies that these ESET products are verified interoperable with solutions from leading technology vendors using the OESIS Framework.

 In September 2010, ESET Smart Security Business Edition was awarded with the "VMware Ready" certification. This certification confirms that ESET Smart Security runs smoothly in VMware virtual environments.

Recent development:

Few weeks back, ESET published the threat report for India for the month of September 2013 through ThreatSense.Net®. According to ESET, INF/Autorun.gen malware has increased its influence among all the ESET users in the threat landspace.

ESET identifies many new threats which are tracked and blocked by ESET antivirus. According to the reportToolbar.Monteria.F and Toolbar.Escort.A are the new malware found in the month September 2013.

NF / Autorun.gen - a generic detection for an "autorun.inf" file created by malware and it can spread through spam, email attachments, malicious websites, unsafe downloads and many other ways.

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For more details of above products, visit: http://esetindia.com/shop/new/home/

A great product which ensures safety of your laptops, desktops or mobile devices with added features which is like a cherry on a cake.

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