Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Visit to California Pizza Kitchen

This season California Pizza Kitchen is offering a wide range of mouth watering items. I was at the Indiranagar branch (Bangalore) of CPK recently. It is a cosy place to have sumptuous dishes with friends, be it be for celebrations or after a day’s hard work! CPK is reputed to have a classy fare, yet the team there makes changes now and then to ensure its top position among the various eatery chains in the city.

As a food Blogger I got to taste the New menu first and here is a look at the vegetarian items in their menu. The Berry Mango Cooler was an instant hit among us bloggers there, If you to go in the afternoon go for theHawaiian Sunshine.

After the drink we were served with California Caprese Sandwich, This sandwich is filling and can make your tummy full.

Next up was Juicy flavored Lettuce Wrap, It is a made of Paneer Marinated with Glass Noodles Wrapped in Cabbage leaves. This was the best of the dish of the evening. 

Sunil the Chief chef of California Pizza Kitchen explaining how the Sandwich is prepared and telling the stuffing inside the Sandwich.

Four Seasons Pizza needs a special mention. I am amazed at the creative and innovative chefs there! Four different kinds of topping on a single pizza and, it has been cut into 8 slices. So, sharing by two people is easy! The toppings are as per local availability of ingredients. 

As you are enjoying the dishes do check out the great deals available on the drinks.

Finally it was time for Desserts, as I had already broken my diet schedule I decided to enjoy the amazing desserts the California Pizza Kitchen offers,

First it was the Red Velvet cake,

Then it was the Iconic Tiramisu, Do try this For sure when you visit this place.

Happy eating. Hope you people have a great time here at California Kitchen Pizza. 

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