Saturday, July 6, 2013

Philips Gift to Mothers and Infants.

Recently I was invited for the PHILIPS’ product launch event. Amazing inventions! As Rajeev Chopra (MD & VC Philips Electronics India) briefed about the wide range of health care solutions for mother and infants! Philips are number already one in ‘lighting’ by and also ‘personal care’ with this new range of neonatal care products PHILIPS going to prove a be a tough competitor for others in the field of health care.

According to Dr Wido Menhardt (Head of Philips Innovation Campus, Bangalore) The alarming figures of infant mortality and the reasons associated with it provided enough motivation for the R&D engineers to make such life saving and life easing inventions. If you observe closely at some of the statistics related infant mortality in India, it is chilling and frightfully high. It is 3 lakhs every year! The reasons range from premature birth, low infant weight, sometimes even neonatal jaundice.

It was pure excitement and a sense of achievement as the team headed by Krishna Kumar (President- Healthcare, Philips Electronic India) unveiled their new products: Philips Efficia Warmer, Philips Efficia Incubator, NeoPAP, BiliChek and BiliTx. Many times you may have heard about children born before the normal gestation period (39 to 40 weeks). Such children are prone to several health complications and are separated from the new mother to incubation immediately after delivery.

Both PEW and PEI are designed to provide immediate care to infants. I particularly liked the term they used: designed to provide “kangaroo care” to the new born, kind of simulating the feel of a mother’s womb to the infant. 

And the most amazing product of the show was BiliChek! (shown Below) New mothers need no longer worry about the painful pricks to assess the risk of hyperbilirubinemia in their newborns! The device passes a light over the child which gives the reading of the blood components, helps in taking decisions faster and less traumatic for the child and mother.

BiliTx provides an effective jaundice treatment system. This phototherapy system from Philips Children's Medical Ventures places effective light therapy in the hands of clinicians and parents while delivering reliable business solutions to hospitals and home healthcare providers.

NeoPAP is a sophisticated CPAP delivery and treatment system developed to treat newborns and infants with Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) or who are recovering from RDS.

In my next post I will share details about Philips innovation in the field of Cardiology and Oncology.


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