Monday, May 27, 2013

Nokia Asha 311

Which phone to purchase was the biggest question I had when I decided to get myself a new phone as my Old phone suddenly stopped working. One phone that caught my attention was the Nokia Asha 311. I did a further research about the phone and decided that this phone is the best in the class.

Here are some of the key features of the phone:-
It’s got a 3 inch large touch screen with 1GHZ processor along with a powerful 1110 mAh battery. This phone can compress data Upto 90% on browser which helps in your data usage, this has a feature in which u can download music from a collection of over 77lakh DRM free songs in just a minute. It has upto 40 premium EA games worth Rs. 2,700 Free.  Discover the world around you with Nokia Near-by App, Exciting internet packs on Nokia Asha devices.

Not just these it has comes with a One click to Facebook button Whatsapp is pre-Loaded and you have over a thousand of apps to choose from. Plus you have Wi-Fi.
What else you want? In a Phone I had almost decided to purchase this phone. But thought let me go see what the other companies have in there phones in the same range, A friend suggested me to go see the New Samsung Rex 90.

Here is the comparison of the two phones.
Nokia Asha 311
Samsung Rex 90

Best in class 1GHz processor
512 Mhz processor
Powerful 1110 mAH battery
Average 1000 mAH battery
Nokai Maps
No Maps
Nokia Browser with 90% compression
Opera mini browser.
Socil Media Apps
Preloaded Facebook with one touch option and Preloaded WhatsApp
No preloaded Facebook or Whatsapp
Data Counter
Not Available
Text Input
Akshar app supports input in Kannada Hindi Tamil Telugu Malayalam and Bengali
No text input available in other languages.
Email setup
Can setup multiple accounts
Not available


I have given a few facts that I saw when I compared the two phones, It is up to  you guys to see and make a wise choice in selecting a the phone.

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