Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mexifornia Food Festival

Last week on a Friday evening me and my friend decide to visit the California Pizza Kitchen Outlet in Indiranagar,  This was my first ever visit to the California Kitchen pizza so was expecting a Lot from this visit.

As part of the Mexifornia food festival that was being celebrated in the place, Mexican food were being served mainly.. Food Festival was strictly non alcoholic and hence only non alcoholic drinks would be served. We gave a few of the drinks a quick run. The ones I tried were Summer Splash, Orange Party, Cranberry Punch and Cucumber Cooler. 

The USP of CKP is the Owen that they have. It is specially designed in US and assembled at the outlet.

Being a strict vegetarian I face this issue of not able to select a wide range of vegetarian dishes, but that was put to rest by chef who said both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are equal in number. Whattay relief J
The starter, Paneer Enchiladas  Filled to the hilt with Paneer,( there goes my diet). The starter set the mood going great about what next could be expected.

This was followed by a pizza, aptly named Baja Pizza. It was a thin crust pizza with a topping of onions, roasted corn, thinly sliced mushroom, black beans and mozzarella cheese. This had been garnished with hand torn cilantro and crème fraiche. The flavor was awesome, fell in love with the true Mexican flavor. Each and every flavor stood on its own not killing each other. Crunchy and crispy, like how a thin crust pizza must be this was definitely a delight to devour!

This was followed by Tacos with Mexican rice. It had freshly toasted corn tortilla, topped with fried shrimps, chicken or paneer and topped with smokey barbeque. It is usually served with mexican rice and grilled limes. I am not a big fan of tacos, so dint try to enjoy the dish but still could feel the extra tangyness in rice.

As they say, the best dish is always served at the end. The Churros & Chocolate Mousse. This is a must try dessert in CPK. It’s a traditional Mexican fluffed pastry which is served with molè mousse. The Chocolate molè Mousse just melts in the mouth and heavenly the taste cannot be forgotten in a long time. 

All in all had the best experience of the Mexican food thanks to California Kitchen Pizza. Hope to be back Soon.. 

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  1. its California pizza Kitchen called as CPK and not California Kitchen pizza CKP, lol this is some thing very basic you missed out.