Sunday, May 10, 2015

Atmosfire, Dial-A-BBQ-Party!!!

When my friends or relatives abroad put up pictures of a Barbecue party on their Social Media pages about having a wonderful time grilling food items and enjoying the whole experience! I always felt why we can’t have such parties here in India. As if someone heard my wish and granted it immediately I was introduced to “Atmosfire” who are the party makers and give you the party experience like never before. They take the organizing load on their shoulders and give you your desired party experience. You ask they deliver, be it a delectable chosen menu or a conceptual theme they do it all.

Atmosfire is a Barbeque Party Idea by Barbeque Nation.  The best thing about “Atmosfire”is that it is not a dine-in or a restaurant. You dial in to Atmosfire for them to arrange a BBQ party.

The party experience at Atmosfire is completely customizable to cater to a host's specific needs. One can host a barbecue party at a place of one’s choice or at a venue provided by Atmosfire called a Celebration Pit. There is a fascinating range of themes to choose from. This includes a special corporate theme. The party seekers can also choose the kind of entertainment they want as well. The Celebration Pit can accommodate & host a party for 25 to 150 people.

Since starting their operations in Bangalore on 14 December 2015 in Indiranagar, Atmosfire extended its wing-span, creating an Atmosfire celebration pit in Electronic City in February this year. They plan to open three more such pits in the other parts of Bangalore. For other cities, Atmosfire will soon be launched in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, among other cities.

At the event we spoke to Chef Ashish Rai who currently heads the entire operations at Atmosfire. A very friendly and humorous person, who is determined to bring the party scene in Bangalore to a whole new level and is working towards making Atmosfire a name to reckon with,.

Also present in the event was Rahul, Business Head at Atmosfire who has successfully launched several Barbeque Nation outlets across the country has now been entrusted with the responsibility of successfully setting up and adding his magic touch to Atmosfire in the country from the BBQ Nation group.  

He is determined to take the BBQ party scene in India to a whole new level. He chose to set up his brainchild – Atmosfire, in Bangalore first under the Barbeque Nation brand. It has been very well received since it started operations and his team is already been booked back to back throughout the week. He is currently working on expansion plans of his team and the concept and intends to take the concept to all the other cities very soon.

So next time if you want to have a BBQ party all you have to do is Call “Atmosfire” Call Toll Free: 1800-1211-555. 

The Non-Veg Food package- Meat Treats starts at INR 450 + taxes  

The Veg Food PackageVeg with an Edge  starts at INR 350 + Taxes

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