Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Asian Grill Festival at Shiro Bangalore

I always wanted to try out Thai food, So When I heard about the Asian Grill Festival, I just couldn't miss this chance of enjoy eating some smokey flavors, tangy sauces which accompany all grills at Shiro's.

Once you enter Shiro, You'll get a feeling of entering a Buddist Monestry! With it's Tall statues and Double sized roof. You'll get the feel of being inThailand once you are inside the Hotel!

We met up with Executive Sous Chef Priyank Chouhan  who walked us through the Asian Grill Festival menu and the specialties that they have for this festival. So he gave us an option of sending the dishes of our choice or he selecting the dishes for us.. We were happy to just sit back and enjoy the Ambiance and let Mr.  Chouhan select dishes for us.

The first Dish to arrive was Pan seared tofu with Indonesian ginger sauce.. Made from In-house Ginger Sauce accompanies the perfectly marinated, pan-seared Tofu steaks.

This has to be the Perfect Tofu I have tasted. Everything about this dish was Perfect!! be it Ginger sauce or the Tofu simply super!!!

Next up was Teriyaki glazed potato skins stuffed with a mixture of Chilli & Basil Mayo glazed vegetables. Finished with the house special teriyaki glaze..

The taste just got better, Potato skins couldn't get any more delicious than this!! the mixture of chilli amd Basil Mayo was perfect.. the Teriyaki Glaze is truly an In-House special..

Next the chef got us Indonesian Grilled Chicken with Avocado Salad, As I am a Vegetarian I decided to eat the Potato skin mixture again and let my friend try this dish! 

This as she says was warm, grilled chicken marinated with Sambal Oelek (raw chilli paste). A little bit of tang was added with the serving of Avocado Salsa. She enjoyed the different flavor but this definitely was one of her favorite dish of the night if not the favorite.

Next up was Grilled Thai Prawns which were delicious prawns infused with just the savory blend of coriander and scallion. This was served with Wasabi Mayonnaise. As a lover of Seafood she enjoyed these prawns thoroughly which were grilled perfectly with a smoky flavor!

The final dish for the evening was Grilled Chicken with Citrus Tamarind Glaze. This was succulent chicken marinated with Shiro,s in-house special tamarind glaze. The experience was enhanced with a serving of charred corn kernels. people loved the flavor of tamarind glaze with a creamy sauce which was pleasurable to everyone's taste buds.

It was a wonderful evening at Shiro to bring in the festive spirit of Xmas and the New year with wonderful tastes thanks to the Asian Grill Festival!!!

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