Friday, October 27, 2023

Slim down a bit?


As most of you know, this blog was once dedicated to me going to different places in Bangalore and eating some exquisite food from some of the best restaurants in Bangalore at the time. Some have stayed to be the best even now, a few of them closed post-pandemic. This post is not about the Hotels but how my life has changed since my last post 2-3 years ago. 


I have never ever enjoyed going to the gym, I would always go buy gym subscriptions, and then give my work as an excuse to miss it or not be regular to it. As a result, I had put on a lot of weight, and then COVID happened, I lost a few kilos during the whole recovery process and then my doctor advised me to start eating healthy, around this time I met Ajit who runs all the way from Whitefield before having Breakfast at “Shree Guru Kottureshwara Benne Dose Center”, I should have focussed on his running before eating part but I focussed more on him being an amazing partner who I found on Twitter and went all over Bangalore having “Thindi Walks” there is a WhatsApp group dedicated to these walks with over 725 members (HMU if you want to join the group).


 Now as expected I had gained a lot of weight during this whole process and was basically not motivated enough to join a gym. So in the meantime, I started walking around Lal Bagh but post-walk would go and have a proper breakfast at NMH, or Bramhins coffee bar, so the whole walking thing became Null and Void. My parents had tried to convince me to get back to the gym but they gave up too. 

And then a very good friend casually while chatting just said, “You should Slim down a bit” nothing that wasn’t said already or nothing that I didn’t know already. Just that the way it was told just randomly out of the blue during a conversation, the best part was it was so causal without any judgement that I felt, yes maybe it is time I should get back in shape. So it’s been two months now since I joined Cult, and things are looking good so far.


I have an amazing Instructor (more on him maybe sometime in the future) he motivates me so much that I have done things in the gym that I never imagined myself doing I knew I could deadlift so effortlessly, never knew I could Push Press with 10kgs weights on a Barbell.


The most shocking thing was when I was able to do Barbell squats with 15kgs resting on my shoulders. Sometimes mid-way through the session, I feel like stopping all this and not coming back to the gym but at this very moment, I remember a famous saying – “When you feel like stopping think about why you started!” Then I have a sip of water and continue working out.

 So, what has happened in the last two months?


Have I gone from a Dad bod to a God bod? No way not even close to it.

 Am I able to fit into my old clothes? Some of them yes.

 Have I stopped eating out? Considerably yes.


There is a long way to go to get where I want to be, but this is a start, a good one indeed. Special mention to amazing people at Cult Uttrahalli both the Trainers and the members who come to work out for all the motivation and occasional banter.

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