Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Donut House. Bangalore.

Donut House, One of its kind Doughnut chains opened its first outlet in Bengaluru at Jayanagar, 3rd Block today. The Store was inaugurated by Actress Mayuri Kyatari of Etv Kannada, Ashwini Nakshatara fame and upcoming Sandalwood actress.

The store is set out in a spacious setting of 2000 sq ft in an elite d├ęcor to set those taste buds in motion as you enter the cafe. Donut House offers a whooping choice of three dozen crafted tastes of doughnuts to suit every mood, sweet or spicy.

Not only can you enjoy the freshly prepared Doughnuts, but you can also get to experience the whole process, from preparation of dough to final icing, all in a live kitchen, If you still want more, we have got it; all these doughnuts are customizable, we have a complete freedom of choice. As you indulge or gift do not be worried about looking for eggless because all of these doughnuts are eggless and hygienic, so it suits all of you.

At the launch Mr. Bhuvanesh Subarayan, MD, Pandora Hospitality Pvt Ltd said “With the successful launch of more than 20 Donut House outlets in cities like Chennai, Hyderabad and Trivandrum, we have now set our foot at Jayanagar, Bengaluru. The city is not new to Doughnuts and I believe that customers will like our doughnuts. Winning “Best Doughnut Retail Outlet in South India” by Brands academy which from the hands of India’s Most Stylist Batsman ever V.V.S Laxman, we are soon marching in with a whole variety of brands, delightful cuisines to rest of South.”

There were many lip smacking flavours of Doughnuts, I think the best flavor for me was the Butterscotch! I have tried butterscotch Ice creams a lot of times but a Butterscotch Doughnuts well, that was a first time and the Donut House has done a lot of research before coming up with flavors!

About Pandora Hospitality Pvt Ltd It was started by Mr. Bhuvanesh Subbarayan, Pandora Hospitality :

This was formed with one main idea – take the Indian taste buds to an all-new high! The brainchild of Mr. Bhuvanesh Subbarayan who studied international business in Australia and found himself getting dragged into the world of doughnuts.  Post completion of the course he decided to launch egg free doughnuts in Chennai and hence went to Singapore to learn know how. Now Pandora Hospitality Pvt Ltd has over 20 Donut House in cities like Chennai, Vellore, Trivandrum, Kottayam, Hyderabad, Vizag, Bengaluru etc.

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